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Questions and Answers

Question:  We are snowbirds from NJ and each year when we come back and open up our house, we notice an influx of palmetto bugs in the house.  Once we are in the house for a few days, the problem seems to get better.  Why does this happen?

Answer:  This is a common occurrence when people go away and the house is closed up for several months.  Water that is in the traps under the sinks helps keep out sewer gases and insects.  As time goes on, the water begins to evaporate, allowing for insects to have easy access into your home.  Have your house checked periodically by a family member or service -- Atlantic Rodent will also do this for you -- and have them run water down the drains monthly.   Also it is a good idea to cover the toilets with plastic wrap to stop evaporation.

Question:  We've noticed a series of sand piles along our sidewalk, driveway and foundation of the house.  They look like ants, and they are starting to get in the house along the baseboards.  Do you have any advice on what they can be and how to get rid of them?

Answer:  It sounds like you have either Caribbean or big headed ants.  Both of these ants act similarly and could become quite a nuisance.  They tend to invade large areas and control is difficult.  Using the wrong store bought product will actually make matters worse.  They tend to work themselves under slabs and into your walls.  This is why you tend to see sand piles along the foundation.  You will need to contact a pest control company to take care of the problem.

Question:  We've been hearing scratching noises over our bedroom in the attic in the evening.  The noises start in the evening and stop around 3:00 or 4:00 a.m.  What could this be?

Answer:  It sounds like you may have a rodent problem in your attic.  Have a pest control company experienced in rodent control do a thorough inspection of the roof and structure.  All possible accesses should be sealed properly and the attic will need to be checked for infestation.
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