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Custom Soffit Vents - Installe
Custom Soffit Vents - Installed

We offer a complete line of custom made rodent proof soffit vents for residential and commercial premises.  To the left is a "before" and "after" picture of the traditional metal soffit vent and our custom made rodent proof vent.  Here, in South Florida, these aluminum vents tend to deteriorate with the salt air and offer no protection against rodent intrusion.  Stuccoed in vents are also popular in South Florida but over time rust out and become very difficult to replace.  Our vents can be easily installed right over stuccoed in vents using self-tapping screws.  Our custom made soffit vents in the lower picture come in two styles and are available in the most popular sizes.  Custom sizes for commercial properties are also available.  These soffit vents are constructed of wood with a metal galvanized, rodent proof wire.  They are painted with a black enamel coating for corrosion protection and match the replaceable bug screen on the exterior.  The wood is treated with a sander sealer and is ready for paint.  They should be nailed or screwed, caulked in, and painted the same color as the existing soffit.  When completed, the home/building will have an elegant custom finished look.  These soffits are constructed by our company, and are easily installed by your contractor.  Our company also offers installation.

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